Manta Rays International Conference (Tahiti)

Tahiti / Borabora (1st to 7th of June 2010)

Further to the very first International manta rays' Symposium which was held in Montreal (Canada) in July 2008 and in which our association was invited and alone representing of the French Polynesia, we wished to organize the first international manta rays' conference in French Polynesia.

To be made, the MPRP association invited scientists of international fame for their works on manta rays worldwide. They will be among 6 from the United States, the Hawaiian Islands, the Maldive Islands, England and Australia.



The event will take place in Tahiti and Borabora from 1st till 7th of June 2010.

The first two days (June 1st and 2nd) will take place in Papeete within the Intercontinental resort and will be dedicated to the conferences.

On June 3rd, the scientists' team will fly to Borabora where will take place the workshops on site.

From 4th till 7th of June, our guests will have the leisure to discover and to scuba dive at Anau, hoping that manta rays' sightings will be numerous.



To achieve our project, our association benefits from financial either media partners whom we wish to thank for their support. These partners are the following ones:


Air Tahiti Nui: local airline company which will take car of guests' scientists flights. The company is allowing us a flight reduction cost to the flights they provide.

GIE Tahiti tourism: organisation dedicated in French Polynesian tourism promotion. They support us financially and make us benefit from their contacts and experience.

Intercontinental resort: hotel company which will welcome the event in Papeete and which participates in our guests' accommodation in Tahiti and Borabora.

Bathy's diving: dive centers group operating on the main French Polynesian islands. They are co-organizers of the event and will assure the logistics and will supervise the scuba dives in Borabora. Media coverage will be offered by this Web site dedicated to the scuba diving


The stakes are high because it is necessary to sensitize the politics - that we shall invite to attend the Papeete conferences - so that they become aware of their share of responsibility in the situation with which are confronted the manta rays of Borabora, and that they need to act by evident environmental measures but nevertheless still non-existent.

The solution remains the protection of the specie as well as the creation of MPAs (Marine Protected Area) in Borabora and quite particularly on Anau's site.


Guests' Scientists list:


- Dr Heidi Dewar (USA)

- Dr Robert Rubin (USA)

- Dr Anne-Marie Kitchen Wheeler (UK)

- Guy Stevens (Maldives)

- Frazer Mc Gregor (Australia)

- Dr Tim Clark (Hawaii)




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